Stephen Evans | Workshops
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Running workshops in studios, galleries, schools and more, Stephen has a range of programs that can suit any group.

Designed to bring your inspiration to life and blossom your creativeness, Stephen’s workshops are specially crafted for you to delve into art like you’ve never done before.


For example, one of his painting methods, “finger painting”, is used to create fast, dramatic, scenic paintings that is quite literally a work of your own hands.

Boozy Finger Painting

Stephen currently heads up monthly ‘Boozy Finger Painting’ workshops at Work-Shop in Redfern.

Learn more below to find out how you can get messy and boozy whilst creating masterpieces with Stephen.

Corporate Workshops

Stephen has done a number of corporate workshops for companies including including Spotify, Foxtel and Google.

If you are interested to learn more about having Stephen run a corporate workshop, big or small, touch base via the contact page.